Management Services





  • Our agents accompany all perspective tenants to property
  • Our team is knowledgeable about each individual property
  • Our agents are prepared to answer any questions about lease information
  • 12 month leases
  • Move in inspections and move out inspections performed

Tenant Screening

  • Retrieve prior rental history
  • Run credit report
  • Verify income and employment

Marketing Strategy

  • The property details will be featured on our company website
  • For Rent signs are put up on the property with contact information
  • Applicants can apply and schedule appointments with an agent online
  • Applicants can view pictures of property online
  • Leases and other documents will be posted on our website for applicants to review
  • Properties will be placed on free websites for easy viewing

Owner Statements 

  • Owners will be given comprehensive monthly financials via email or mail
  • Expenses for the property will be reviewed and paid
  • Owners will have access to invoices, annual reports, and management agreement
  • Owners can be paid through direct deposit or by mail
  • Our company will prepare  owner misc 1099 information


  • Our vendors provide prompt maintenance service
  • Work orders can be submitted online by tenant
  • Agents input and follow up on work orders
  • Agents perform preventive maintenance inspections on property
  • Property managers will collect bids
  • Projects will be managed by trained team
  • 24 hr emergency phone for maintenance calls


  • Receive Rent
  • Pay invoices for the property
  • Pursue and follow up on delinquent rent with phone calls and written messages


  • Complimentary notary in office
  • Office hours are M-F 9-5 and on weekends by appointment

Association Management

  • schedule and attend meetings
  • collect dues and follow up on delinquencies
  • schedule and supervise the completion of  approved projects
  • handle all maintenance contracts
  • create budgets
  • collect bids
  • perform property inspection
  • review and pay invoices
  • provide 24 hour emergency assistance
  • prepare and submit all financial documents for the property


For additional information, questions about specific services, or to request a proposal please contact our office directly via email  Claire Hamilton is known for providing property management that is custom and personalized to your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to manage your property.